Sixline worked with XBOX 360 developer Twisted Pixel Games to design and implement video elements into their Kinect game, The Gunstringer.

The project consisted of over a dozen shooting sessions at various locations including the fantastically large green screen at Austin Studios and the Paramount Theater in downtown Austin, TX.

We created several key elements in the game:

- Intro video to the game which features an entrance into the theater just as the “play” is beginning.
- Full-motion video crowds and audience for in-game applause and reactions.
- Menu objects and videos such as a playbill the rises when the game is paused, giving the player options and instructions.
- How to play videos featuring Lloyd Kaufman of Troma Films.
- In-game elements such as hands that interact with the characters on screen.
- A full-feature ending which allows the player to shoot/interact with the members of the audience.

Now available on XBOX 360

Credits, screen shots and videos to come.